Friday, January 30, 2009

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

I think it's time I reinstate Thursday with favorite day status. Because seriously, Thursday is a great day. I went to my internet publishing class and learned some crazy new techniques for building websites, built my website for a couple hours, and had an awesome night. Rachel made dinner for Joshua and me (part of our new dinner club) and we played wii for forever. On Thursday's I have a 5 hour break between classes. It's perfect for studying and not studying alike. It's just the best day of the week.

I'm not exactly sure why today I'm all Thursdaying, because today is a pretty dang fantastic day. I had class this morning at 9 and went to the T-zone to get spoons so Joshua and I could eat our yogurt, and I left with a doughnut (what! how did that get there?*) and two spoons in my hand. I forgot how much I LOVE BYU doughnuts. I love them SO. MUCH.

So anyway, I ate my doughnut on the way to meet Josh, climbed 2 flights of stairs (to cancel out the doughnut) and met my fiance for a healthy yogurt/banana/apple/honey nut cheerios breakfast. We ate and talked, studied our O-chem stuff, then went to the mac lab to work on my website. My new website habit isn't Josh's favorite because it involves working on Mac's which disagree with his real school work. I, however, am learning very practical skills working on a Mac because someday Mac and Google are going to take control of the world. So learning how to build websites with only Mac programs even though I don't have a Mac is totally the smartest thing I can do with my time, okay?

Then my chem recessitation (recitation, but i like recessitation better) was wonderful because a) The homework set isn't due ever, b) I got 10 points for being there and c) I met my female soulmate and we talked weddings the whole time. I love weddings. And that's all I'm going to write and talk about for now.

Happy pseudo Thursday to everyone, HAGW!

For all you pessimists, I did NOT steal the doughnut. I totally paid for it.


Ryan Nielsen said...

So I think I have a lot to say about this post. Here goes...

YES! Macs are so truly wonderful. Are you using iWeb? And why are you taking an internet publishing class? I forget - are you doing the editing minor? Anywho, I built my business website on iweb. Check it out.

Next, this post makes me miss it when my days were actually different from each other. At this point in my life, Mon through Sat are pretty much identical. Enjoy it while you can! :)

I love you! I can't wait till you start sharing wedding planning ideas and photos on here.

Ryan Nielsen said...

And by the way, this is Erica. It would be a little weird if Ryan got that excited about wedding stuff. :)

Nat Attack said...

Mmmmmmm. BYU donuts. I need one.

Or bread and honeybutter.


Rachel said...

I love BYU doughnuts too! I get one anytime I didn't have breakfast and happen to have 69 cents (or whatever it is).

I like Macs too! I've been hitting up mac labs on campus lately, just for fun.

oh oh oh AND. I love Thursdays too! And our little dinner group!

...okay, i'll stop being so excited about this post.