Saturday, May 09, 2009

Livin' la vida CRAZY

Okay everyone. I'll explain.

My computer has spyware. I have my suspicions, namely A) a jealous roommate who wanted to spend more time with me and *accidentally* downloaded spyware to make my computer run at the speed of turtle or 2) Actual proof that internet gossip websites are bad for you. And I trusted E!, but no more. The spyware happened, and then The Corporation (my trusty internet source for all of last semester) decided to be password protected so I don't even have the internet if I want to brave the slow computer. And I work full time and hang out with Josh full time so there really just isn't time for me to blog/read blogs. Please forgive me. I will now give you a full update on me and my life.

  • I have my wedding dress! It has the new sleeves on it, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I honestly can't WAIT to wear it

  • I work full time at APX. I kind of thought this job was going to be horrible, but it's really turned out to be enjoyable. I like the people I work with, and it's kind of nice to have a mindless job. I like that I'm allowed to listen to my ipod all day if I want to.

  • I can officially run one mile in 10 minutes, and 3 miles in 40. And the impressive part (to me, anyway) is I couldn't run a whole mile 3 months ago.

  • I made a whole chicken for Joshua. It's something I've been promising him for the last 6 months. See picture below.

  • I dusted off ol' Bliz and started riding her again. Joshua and I now go on loving bike rides once a week. It might be my favorite thing about sunny weather.

  • Also, Josh rides the bike around town on the days (most days) I have the car at work. He's such a good bike rider.

  • Engagement pictures happen next weekend!

  • I passed all my classes last semester! Normally this wouldn't be a big deal because who hasn't passed all their classes in college, but given the fact I completely stopped going to O-chem the last two months of the semester, I consider this a huge accomplishment. And FYI to the children, don't ever be like me.

And that's all for now. My life consists of work, music, and play. I am a little bit addicted to jalapeƱo cheetos, and a lot in love with Joshua. I am loving summer in Provo!!


Rachel said...

So glad you're enjoying Provo summer and riding a bike! I wish I had a bike to ride.

Sorry about your computer and its slow death!

Joshua said...

Seeing that picture makes me want to eat another animal. Maybe a four legged one.

Nat Attack said...


And I kind of envy your willingness to ride a bike. I have one, and it's lovely--but riding bikes here is TREACHEROUS!!!