Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Official:

1. 7 weeks until Joshua and I are husband and wife. It seems like an eternity away and like it's coming way too soon!!
2. I'm blogging from my BRAND NEW FIXED COMPUTER. A thousand thanks to Joshua for taking it to get fixed, Randy for obtaining Window's Vista, and the rest of the world for patiently awaiting my return.
3. I'm going home this weekend to do some SERIOUS wedding stuff. And I get to see Amanda and my best high school guy friend Alex, who is coming home from his mission finally.


4. I am making my blog private. I think, anyway. It wouldn't hurt to email/facebook me to let me know you want to be on the list of exclusive people who can read this baby.

Sooo....that's all for now.
I'll be back. I promise.


Lindsey said...

I, Lindsey Craft, wish to be included in this exclusive viewing delight.

Joshua said...

I too would like to be placed on that list.

WHITNEY said...

Also, me.

We are Three said...

As would I since you blog more than Josh does and I can only assume that you will have more to blog about when you get married. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Invite me!

Jan said...

you won't keep me off?

Naters and Katers said...

Only 7 weeks!! You must be so busy with excitement. I know I was! Did you ever find the weeding sparklers? Grandma called me about them.