Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vampire and Holiday Cheer

I haven't really thought a whole lot about New Moon coming out, and by not a "whole lot" I mean compared to how excited I was for Twilight last year. My true allegiances lie with Harry Potter so I don't get too excited about Twilight, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a HUGE fan and really excited for the movie to come out. I mean, some of you know how many times I saw Twilight in theaters and it's quite an embarrassing number. I (and I know Josh, too) hope I don't like this one as much so I don't get sucked into that time and money drain. Book 2 was my least favorite in the series. May the movies be the same!

Anyway, reason for this blog? This article was linked on my homepage and I enjoyed it. It's different celebrities weighing in on team Jacob vs Edward. It makes me feel just a little bit closer to my famous friends. I only would've liked it better had Kristen Bell given her 2 cents. So here's the article!
Celebs on Twilight

As I write this I'm listening to 'A Colbert Christmas' album. It's hilarious and awesome and FEIST has a song and sings on another 2 songs. Count it as my favorite christmas album of the year. Some of the other songs include 'Can I Interest You in Hannukah' from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and 'Nutmeg' by John Legend and SC.
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A Colbert Christmas: Another Christmas Song
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Logan Smith said...

So I just re read my whole blog and remembered my love of VM,and yours, and how I am still spreading the VM love by getting people hooked on it. TallyHo