Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 7

A photo that makes me happy:

I took this picture during Thanksgiving break of 2008. I was living with Alaina and she went on this awesome cruise. I got to babysit Adrie for two days before she spent the rest of the break with Kurt. One night Josh came over and we took Adrie on a walk to a close park. These pictures are on our way back home, when it was just starting to get dark. On the short walk a car drove by and out of nowhere (as most things with Adrie go) she yelled, "Oh no! It's a car! A scary car!" and screamed a little and started backing up. I have a series of 3 pictures but for some reason can only find 2. This moment was just absolutely hilarious and it makes me giggle still to look at it.


Ry + Alicia Voigts said...

She is SO CUTE!!! I will never forget the APX auction with her and us coloring!!!

Nat Attack said...

What a fun story. I love those stories that only seem funny to the people who were there. It almost makes them that much more enjoyable to share, right?

Alaina said...

Ahaha. She looks so LITTLE!!!