Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Playing Catchup, days 2-6

I am full of unfulfilled promises. For that I am sorry. But here in quick succession are days 2-6 of my month-of-blogging-getting-to-know-me-stuff.
2. Favorite Movie - Movie I've watched the most times, Aladdin. But a non-cartoon favorite? Taken or Mean Girls
3. Favorite TV program - Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy
4. Favorite book - The English Patient/Harry Potters 5 & 7
5. Favorite quote - I'm going to pick 3 because they're all in different categories. And I haven't picked just one answer for any of these favorites, so why start now?
a) "Small gestures were enough for him. One bullet ended the war."
- The English Patient pg 242
So I pick this one because it comes from the most beautiful book I've ever read. The English Patient is written in prose so the whole book moves like a long poem. It's disjointed and artistic and I have to admit, I wouldn't have made it through the book if it weren't required reading in my senior English class. Bless Mrs. Sherman for teaching me to love it. There are so many quotes that I love, and so many more that the romantic senior girl in me loved, but this I think is the most artistic quote that sits artistically in the middle of a paragraph. This quote is therefore dubbed my "artistic" quote.

b) "Watching the news! Again?"
"Well it changes every day, you see."
-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix pg 6
Obviously I love Harry Potter, and obviously I'm going to pick a quote from my other favorite book in the world. I just love this exchange that takes place at the beginning of book 5. I think it just shows how good a writer JK Rowling is. This quote just makes me happy. Consider it my "Happy" quote.
c) "Real adults don't have summer. Start acting like an adult."
- My dad
Sassy 17 year old Kendall remembered and wrote down this quote because it was so ridiculous at the time. However, now that it's stayed on my Facebook page for the last 4 years it has become a part of me and my relationship with my dad. He's always pushed me to work hard, and I never realized what a blessing it is to know how to work hard until this year. (don't mind my bragging moment) Even though I don't exactly work hard at school, I feel my work life has been characterized by hard work, and by trying to exceed expectations. It's been relatively easy for me to get jobs and I thank my Dad for teaching me how to work. This is my "Life Lesson" quote.

6. Whatever tickles my fancy
This one's a little difficult. I haven't done the tickling fancy until recently. I've been considering writing blogs about switching from name brand to store brand products (snore bore, I know) for anyone who's interested. I'll just let you know about two of my successful switches.

A) I've been a faithful user of Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning lotion for around 4 years. I love it. However, the price is getting a little high for me, so I decided to switch to the Target "Up & Up" brand. I think it's great with just one exception -- it smells stronger. I don't necessarily like it, but I think the $2 price different makes up for a somewhat stronger/faker smell. Boring post #1


B) I love the blue Moisturizer Chapstick. It's sorta minty and not at all bleck like the regular Chapstick (sorry Dad and Mal). I switched to the Target Up & Up Moisturizing Chapstick and I love it. It's exactly the same and more than a dollar cheaper. I think a 3 pack is $2 or so at my SuperTarget. Good change.
That's all for playing catch up! I've officially missed Pilates so I'll be on to my next post in a few minutes. Cheers.


Nat Attack said...

Skipping the gym to blog? I love that.

And I like your catch-up; I was nervous you'd given up!

I feel like this has already been a long month. Wink.

Alaina said...

I LOVE the dad quote. Awesome. Totally awesome.