Thursday, April 01, 2010

Getting to know you

Getting to know all about youuuu (singing that song, can you name the movie?)

Today is day one of Nat's monthlong challenge/get to know your neighbor month. Day 1. Favorite song.

This is a remarkably difficult challenge considering my favorite song changes weekly/monthly/weekly. I used to be able to depend on my ipod for an accurate play count to see what my favorite song is by way of listening alone. Back when Ipod#1 died, I think my top three songs were Samson-Regina Spektor, Mushaboom-Feist, and Starting Now-Ingrid Michaelson with over 95 plays each. Now that I have Ipod#2 with twice as much memory and an awesome play button on my headphones. Unfortunately, that headphone play button gets pressed a lot in my purse and my top plays are now around 1,800 despite resetting them weekly. OH well. Now, on with it.

Mountain and the Sea - Ingrid Michaelson. It's a beautiful song. It's the song I listened to when I didn't want to run any more to finish the last lap on the Rex Lee Run. It is seriously the perfect pace. And it's such a cute and happy and romantic and uplifting song. I love it. Amen and that's all.

Until tomorrow!


Nat Attack said...

CUTE! I don't know why I don't know this Ingrid song? Love.

Thanks for sharing!

Mallory Jan said...

I love this song. So excited for Miniature Tigers tomorrow!

Alaina said...

I love that song too. When Adrie's in an obstinate mood she says "You're NOT a mountain! You're NOT!!!!"

PS I HATE your word verification, thx.