Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And I'm Proud to be an American

visited 32 states (64%)

Thank you, Andrea, for this awesome link. I am surprised I've been to so many of the states! It makes me feel like maybe I know America a little bit better than I though. Can you tell I've driven to New York? Also, I think our adventure next summer will be to visit the south. I want to hear tons and tons of Southern accents and accurately judge the most obese countries of the good 'ol USA. And see if everything really is fried in the south.

On the same sort of note except MUCH cooler, I am proud to report that I know all 50 STATES (definitely said countries in my first post. how embarassing). In alphabetical order. Yes, it took me about 15 years too long, but I never learned the country song in elementary school! It's not my fault my Arizona teachers were derelict in their duties of song teaching. I learned an Americana soldier patriotism song in kindergarten in Massachusetts
"...All at attention, stand like soldiers true. Hands on our hearts, pledge allegiance, too. We all love the flag, the red white and blue."
But I never learned the states song. Josh's job on the drive out here was to teach it to me. The first day went well. We got all the way through Nevadaaaaaaaaa then I was overwhelmed by the States that came rapid fire. Pause until day 2. THEN I LEARNED IT ALL. And I couldn't get the song out of my head for days. And now I can't see all the States in order without singing it. I am so blessed. Now I will sing it for you.
AaaaalaaaaaBAMA, alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, connecticut. Delaware, florida, georgia___hawaii, idaho, illinois, INdianuh. Iowaaa, kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, MAINE. Maryland, massachusetts, michigian! Minnesota, mississippi, missouri, montana. NebraSKA, nevaaaaaaadaaaaaaa. New hampshire, new jersey, new mexico___new york. North carolina, north dakota, OH-HI-OH. OKLA homa, oregon, pennsylvania. Rhode island, south carolina, south dakota, Tennessee, texAAAS. Utah, vermoooont, virginiaa, washington. West virginia, wisconsin, WYOOOOOOOOMING.

Oh man I bet that was annoying to read. It was fun to write, though. And that is straight from the brain so if I got some states out of order then I apologize because Josh taught me wrong.

So now, did anybody else miss out on learning the States' song? Because I didn't think that was a thing until Josh knew it and so did Gabbe, so then it wasn't just Alaina and Natalie who knew it. Discuss.


Amber Addams said...

Josh needs to teach me next, cause I am embarrassed to say that I don't know it either. And we went to the same elementary school...

-anonymous :)

Andrea said...

Yep, definitely missed out on learning the song too. You'll have to come over and teach me now so Kenzie can grow up knowing it!

LeeAnne said...

I think I learned a different one. I sang it with your words and you have emphases that I do no emphasize. You need to record yourself singing it. Period.

Dersom Alves said...

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