Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Alright, I just switched to the new Blogger interface? It's horrible. Which means, I'll probably love it in a couple months but it is hard and uncomfortable right now. I spent 6+ years on the old way of publishing, okay? I'm allowed to be weirded out by this. And now I understand the older generation's distaste for cell phones.
I made four New Years Resolutions that Josh and I discussed and if I actually spend a whole year doing my best to reach them, we're buying a Dyson vacuum for Christmas. Ready to read them? OK.
  1. Make 1 loaf of bread (or one bread product like rolls) every week for a year. 52 loaves total.
  2. Say morning and evening prayers daily. This is one I've had on my list probably every year since 2005 because I have never been a good morning pray-er. This year is the year, guys.
  3. Be at my happy goal weight by my birthday 2012. This one I find to be fairly reasonable since Baby D is due in May and I'm not planning on gaining more than 30 lbs for this pregnancy, but heaven forbid I gain 70 this one will be a piece of work.
  4. Track my exercise and fruit/vegetable intake for 52 weeks/the whole year. I am using the "Healthy Living Guidelines" handout that I created for job/internship at Y Be Fit. It's below so you can look at it and print it off if you want. Of course, I still have edits I want to make on it but this isn't a blog about my handout so I'll save that for another day. Just know, I'm tracking on this thing for a year, and I'm four weeks down.
So far I have done fairly well on all my goals. Like I said, I've tracked every week so far and I've made 3 loaves of bread, so I am behind 1 (or 2 if we count this week) and have to catch up this weekend. The goal weight by birthday is something I can't really work on right now (pregnant...can't lose weight) so I'm focusing on staying active and not gaining weight like crazy cause that worked fairly well with Henry. The prayers thing is always tricky because HOW do I get myself to remember when Henry wakes me up most mornings and my day simply begins? But don't worry, I'm trying, and I plan on getting this DOWN before Christmas. Good luck to everyone with New Years Resolutions! And to those who have none, I hope you have some goals anyway because it's good to have a goal.


Becki said...

well it looks like i maybe missed something somewhere along the way??????? yay!!! babies! congrats.

Rachel Eve said...

(Wait a second...blogger has a new interface? Since when? They never change anything!)

I can't wait to not be pregnant and to be able to actually lose weight. But being pregnant has actually been good for me because (for probably the first time in my life) I've been consciously trying to make good food choices and keep my weight down! It has worked awesome for me so far and I'm happy I haven't gained a ton of weight. And I feel healthy!

Anyway, good job and keep it up! I like your goals.

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