Saturday, February 04, 2012

Update on the me

Don't mind the ramblings.

I had a chat fest with my favorite computer savvy friend, Greg. I have been sort of interested in doing some of my own graphic design/publishing stuff for a while now and he helped me look over a couple different options for getting started. I hope you'll see some better looking stuff on this blog (or a new blog) soon, but if this doesn't pan out(like most of my wacky ideas), my apologies. Just letting you know that I'm excited to learn something new.

Also, stay at home motherhood has inspired me to be a little more crafty. Now before you get all worried, I'm still staying away from crafts that have brought me to tears in the past (I'm looking at you, crocheting and knitting) and sticking to relatively tame things like felt ornaments and picture frames, but I am excited to see myself getting better at crafting and creating. I have a mirror from DI that I will be refurbishing that I hope to post pictures of, as well as a cute Valentines day craft.

 My parents gave Josh and I a Wii for Christmas.  I got a Wii fit (for very cheap) and play it most days of the week.  I love it SO. MUCH.  I know it's cheesy and it doesn't replace real exercise, but it's really really nice to be able to stay at home and play some games while Henry takes a nap, and do the small step program for 30 minutes during Ellen or The Revolution.  And Josh and I have friendly competitions on Saturday and Sundays during Henry's nap time.  I love it.

Last for today, The Revolution (on ABC) is my favorite new TV show.  It's the one hour a day that Henry and I sit in front of the TV and play games while I watch my health and wellness show and occasionally cry because something is minutely emotional.  I recommend checking it out if you're free from 1-2pm on weekdays.

Happy weekend!  So happy Josh doesn't work again until Tuesday.  Life is good.


Erica said...

I totally do Wii Fit all the time ;). Oh and I love DI re-dos. woot woot. can't wait to see.

Erica {let why lead} said...

I've been wanting to check out the Revolution. I will have to make it happen now. And hooray for being a crafty SAHM!

I'm interested in graphic design/publishing too, as you prob know. :) I'd love to discuss more!

Andrea said...

Okay how about you make me some felt ornaments and I'll make you some crochet stuff because I've tried making felt things and I can't!

Alaamah eg1 said...

manho valentine said...

I've been wanting to check out the Revolution. I will have to make it happen now. And hooray for being a c
rafty SAHM!

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