Monday, December 18, 2006

Greatest game ever played.

I have one day left. Less than one day left. Last final is over tomorrow, the hardest final ever, but still the best final ever.

New game to entertain our time is called the "iTunes attack". It's a game where you share your library which, luckily, can change names. Today in the library, rachel and I targeted Becki.

Two days ago in the law library, beckers and i had quite the experience. You see, Javier, Todd, and Stacey's tunes were just there, boring and willing. Sooo we decided to create a love triangle between Stacey, Javier, and Todd.
k: "I am in love with Javier"
b: "Too bad Stacey has taken Javier."
k: "Fine, I will have Todd!"
b: "Stacey has taken Javier AND Todd"
k: "Stacey! Stop taking all the men!"
j: "Javier's Tunes"
t: "Todd's Tunes"
s: "Stacey's Tunes"
Three minutes later....
j: "Javier's Tunes"
t: "Todd's Tunes"
s: "This is stacey and I am not taking any men!"

Beckers and I spend the better part of our couple hour study time trying to get someone, ANYONE to respond. Stacey was our best luck, and she never changed. We tried and tried, even by attacking people personally, but no one stooped to our level. We did get some dirty looks though. And becki fell in love with hairy arms.

Ohh good day today was.

kendall Lee


Becki said...

i bet you've never seen an orange wearing a glove.

rach-face said...

oooooh my i love the itunes attack game. i was laughing so hard i had to cover my mouth! i think laughing isn't allowed in the library.