Thursday, November 27, 2008

Motherhood has been very good to me.

As you may remember, I'm somewhat of an amazing mom.

I also have never really had what you might call real experience being a mom. This weekend changed everything. I got to babysit Adrie.

Alaina's out of town on a cruise, busy ruining Thanksgiving. Kurt had Adrie most of the time, but I got to play mom to her on Monday and Tuesday night.

Joshua and I took her to the park on Monday night. He is such a good pretend dad. And is that not the cutest picture in the whole world?

My favorite part was on the walk home. Adrie heard a car coming and started freaking out. It was the kind of not real freaking out, like doing what adults do when a car comes to show a child how they're supposed to react. She kept saying, "A car is coming! Oh no! Aaaaah!" and backing up. Two pictures to demonstrate:

By far my favorite part of the weekend was yesterday morning. I was in the bathroom with Adrie and she was saying something I couldn't understand. I kept saying, "What? What?" and she kept repeating until she finally pu her hand out and said, "Trust me?"
I almost died, then asked, "What, Adrie?"
She said, "Dy trust me?" again with the hand out.

So I gave her my hand and she led me out of my (the guest) bathroom, into Alaina's bathroom. I don't even remember why she led me there, I just thought it was so cute that she actually used the line from Aladdin. Thank you, Adrie.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Gabbe and I made yams to celebrate.


Joshua said...

You are such a great mom. I love this post.

Mallory Jan said...

oh my gosh that is the cutesy thing I have ever seen. You are such a good mom! I can't wait to be with you in seven days!!!

Mary B said...

I think Adrie is going to be one of those adults that can remember random lines from movies and spout them out at appropriate times. Tom can do that. I can't. Good job being such a good little Mommy!

Jan said...

Hurray Kendall! I just gotta say it's in your genes and in your future...all is right in the world. Love you.

WHITNEY said...

I support using lines from Aladdin in my everyday speech. Thank you to the children who also support me... and the mothers (and pretend mothers) who have raised them.

Nat Attack said...

THANKS for watching the baby so I could steal her mom away and ruin Thanksgiving for you--it was very gracious. That first picture of her freaking out about the car is cracking me right up.

Andino said...

you are such a cute mom, and I know crazy small world huh?! Can I please see you very soon? I miss you!