Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oh snap!

I'm cursing myself right now (with a spell, not the other kind of cursing).

I consciously didn't bring my camera with me and I am really regretting it. I'm at JFK right now waiting to get on my plane to Boston in the next 45 minutes. I've been here for an hour so far, and I'm not so sure I want to leave. The JFK airport is a mall. With airplanes. It's ridiculous.

In my 10 minutes of walking around I walked by a Borders, Lacoste, Brighton, a very large (and not open because it's 5am) sushi restaurant, and various other clothing stores. I have free wifi (get on the train SLC) and I'm charging my ipod so I can watch Chuck without it dying. There are small booths selling airplane pillows, scarves, and even winter coats. This place is crazy, and that's not even counting the giant food court. Want to know my favorite part of the whole experience?
CALORIES. Calories are listed EVERYWHERE. Calories, nutrition, and there is no trans fat because it's ILLEGAL.

This is my dream come true. Too bad everything I want to buy is 5+ dollars, and I am saving my various 5+ dollars for clothing. I would've liked to eat a bag of baked Fuji apple cinnamon chips, or a snack pack of grapes, crackers, cheese, and pineapple. I might have even bought a yogurt parfait or california roll if it weren't so expensive.

Moral of the story? I love New York.



Joshua said...

I wish i could have been there with you. Illegal to have trans fat? genius.

WHITNEY said...

I miss you.